Monday, November 25, 2019

Early Morning Before the Sun Rises

Early morning before the sun rises the world breaks my heart
and then I walk outside and my feet
touch the golds, russets and browns
The sun rises reminding me of relationship
Of being human in this time, in this world
requires me to move thru sadness, anger and disappointment,
To power inherent in our understanding that each day
as we walk thru our lives, we create that which we see 
Change is our way of growing, of giving the world that which
it needs to be, for All
In gratitude I thank the trees, the grasses, the birds,
the plants that nourish and heal us,
the animals that walk beside us and
the people that walk beside me
My heart lifts and another day begins 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Herbal Poets
like Warrior Poets
Stand on the edge of
Wind, Fire, Earth and Water

And sing to Life
of relationship
of the Rise and Fall of
All that is

We stand
We gather, We create
We are, as All are
the Makers of Medicine
gathered from the
Earth, Fire, Water and Wind
We sing to life
the gift of Healing
given from the Plants and
the Ancestors

   In Gratitude