Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Moving into Autumn
the changing
to all that is
being created
green gold and blushed
the color of the trees
Standing open
to heal the air we breath
and move the winds of life
guardians of the rain and sun
receivers of water and spirit

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

    Gardening 'Our Connection to Gaia'

Gardening is our connection to the earth
and all who live upon it.
The garden is our place of grounding.
A place where we are present in the moment.
A place to let go of the noise of our lives

Gardening is an act of nurturing  the plants,
the insects that pollinate, feast upon and feed our plants
and thus feed and nurture ourselves.
Gardening is an act that keeps us physically, emotionally
and spiritually healthy.

Gardening can be a tomatoe or two in the yard,
a basil plant in a pot on the steps or the patio
or a place where we grow much of our own food
for the summer or to preserve for the coming year.
All are equally healing and equally grounding.

We begin with a thought and from the thought comes
the physical manifestation of that thought- a garden...
It is that simple.

Plant those seeds you dreamed of in the winter .
Go outside and put your hands into the dirt
and feed your mind, body & spirit

      living between the raindrops,