Saturday, May 22, 2021

Monday, November 25, 2019

Early Morning Before the Sun Rises

Early morning before the sun rises the world breaks my heart
and then I walk outside and my feet
touch the golds, russets and browns
The sun rises reminding me of relationship
Of being human in this time, in this world
requires me to move thru sadness, anger and disappointment,
To power inherent in our understanding that each day
as we walk thru our lives, we create that which we see 
Change is our way of growing, of giving the world that which
it needs to be, for All
In gratitude I thank the trees, the grasses, the birds,
the plants that nourish and heal us,
the animals that walk beside us and
the people that walk beside me
My heart lifts and another day begins 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Herbal Poets
like Warrior Poets
Stand on the edge of
Wind, Fire, Earth and Water

And sing to Life
of relationship
of the Rise and Fall of
All that is

We stand
We gather, We create
We are, as All are
the Makers of Medicine
gathered from the
Earth, Fire, Water and Wind
We sing to life
the gift of Healing
given from the Plants and
the Ancestors

   In Gratitude

Monday, October 1, 2018

On Becoming

Colors move on branches
Light lifting and expanding
that which we see, hear and feel
Falling to the ground we are grateful
for that which we have been given
Life, changing that which we are
to that which we become
Gather the gifts of Grandmother Earth
to sustain us thru our lives
As we go within we find ourselves
creating that which we will become
As the generations unfold

Friday, May 18, 2018

Spring came in cool and moist
Bringing emergent green and and life again
to this Earth, to our world
We walk in gratitude to see this
abundance that will grow our body, mind and spirit
Our hearts will stand  open to the creation
of the world and we will remember to breathe
To be in relationship with all life.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Eliciting Life

Cold elicits a response from within of our healing reflex
That which forms and then ignites our health
Breath in, breath out
Blood moves and warmth nourishes
Creating that which is to come

Snow blankets the Earth
Holding warmth and nourishment in the soil
Breath in Breath out
Creating the dreams and vision of what will come

Diversity of life reflected in each of us
In each individual snowflake in each individual face and form
We hold
Breath in breath out
Creating that which is to come in dreams and vision

Friday, October 6, 2017

Questing for Our Vision

She throws her web towards the East, welcoming Grandfather Sun
Grandfather the one who reminds us to shine, to be in this moment
She runs her hand along the branch of Rosemary,
the fragrance taking her back to the ancient ones.
In her mind she sees all who went before her as she moves
to see, to know and to be awakened to the South.
She sits under the Oak Tree with her feet in the river.
The river cleanses her and she does her give away of Yarrow
to heal the wounded child within.
She dances towards the West releasing old patterns with each step.
In the West she gathers stones and builds her Medicine Wheel,
creating fire within it to manifest the dreams, to see the visions,
and the feel hope.
She calls to Great Spirit as she smudges with her Sage.
The North calls her to continue her journey and
she plants her feet firmly upon Grandmother Earth
reaching with her hands for the Stars.
She is her Warrior self.
The magick of Earth & Stone, Wind & Water, Fire & Spirit,
Gifts of the Sacred Animals.
As she casts  seed, her seeds of self
and calls for a vision.