Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Moving into Summer

Summer is just down the path from where we sit today.
It has been a slow unfolding of spring
The gardens are abundant and full of fragrance of old roses and lavender
 good and green, lush and full of the rains that have graced this land
I am trying to learn, again
Knowing that the Earth in her intelligence holds us in the place
we have created moving moment to moment ,day to day, month to month
In the gardens,hearing and seeing and moving. In concert with the wind, thru my breath.
With my body, as I put my feet upon the earth that nourishes all life.
With the beat of my heart, to know that all life is connected.
Feeding my spirit. Knowing , again...........
Teachers all around me, in the trees, the insects, the animals, the birds and the plants.
The sacred plants that are the food and medicine of life.
I am invited each day by the sun to remember to shine,
to take my vision and my dreams with me as I walk this day.
Not tomorrow, but this day.
In gratitude for this day  and you who sustain me by
your friendship, your knowledge, your words
and your actions.