Friday, October 6, 2017

Questing for Our Vision

She throws her web towards the East, welcoming Grandfather Sun
Grandfather the one who reminds us to shine, to be in this moment
She runs her hand along the branch of Rosemary,
the fragrance taking her back to the ancient ones.
In her mind she sees all who went before her as she moves
to see, to know and to be awakened to the South.
She sits under the Oak Tree with her feet in the river.
The river cleanses her and she does her give away of Yarrow
to heal the wounded child within.
She dances towards the West releasing old patterns with each step.
In the West she gathers stones and builds her Medicine Wheel,
creating fire within it to manifest the dreams, to see the visions,
and the feel hope.
She calls to Great Spirit as she smudges with her Sage.
The North calls her to continue her journey and
she plants her feet firmly upon Grandmother Earth
reaching with her hands for the Stars.
She is her Warrior self.
The magick of Earth & Stone, Wind & Water, Fire & Spirit,
Gifts of the Sacred Animals.
As she casts  seed, her seeds of self
and calls for a vision.

Monday, May 22, 2017

                   Living Between the Raindrops

Walking out onto the land 
breathing the moist, verdant life that surrounds us. 
Nourishing our body, mind and spirit
creating the wholeness that is who we are.
Catching each drop of rain
the Earth shows us life in all it's forms.
Diversity, restoration and change 
the path of healing ourselves, each other, the Earth.
Walk this path of wholeness with me
living between the raindrops.



Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice arrives 
in calling in the new year
As light begins to show the way 
along  our path to come
Into ourselves the womb reminds
of where we have been and what lies ahead 
Spiraling with snow and wind and earth
and fire burning within
Life reminded, life remembered
let in, let go
And so................ 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hobbit Gardens Erth Gathering Center: Winter Erth Note

Hobbit Gardens Erth Gathering Center: Winter Erth Note: We keep spiraling back to our ancient connection to the earth. And in this spiraling we walk the medicine wheel to find ourselves, deep in...

Monday, May 11, 2015

Breath comes on the wind in Spring
with memories remindes
the fragrance of new life
and life re-emerging

New beginnings, new relationship
new connections
carried on the Wind
and the breath
The movement is one of upward flow

So remember to ground to Grandmother Earth
Plant your feet on the earth
Eyes closed
Open your heart
Raise your hands with fingers spread
Know that you are a part
of the web
walking your Medicine Wheel
continuing your journey


Friday, November 28, 2014

Seasons move with the elements 
Fire, Wind, Water and Earth
We move with the seasons

Placing our feet upon the Earth
connecting to all that is
Fire as Sun and nourishment
Wind as Breath and movement
Water as Life and emotion
Earth as Body and soul
This season , one of gathering, sharing, giving 
going within to that place of
visions, thoughts, and dreams
To bring about that which our heart desires
so we can walk the medicine path that
makes us Human Beings
To walk the Spiral bringing the light back
remembering that it is only in seeing 
this connection to all that makes us each who we are 


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Moving into Summer

Summer is just down the path from where we sit today.
It has been a slow unfolding of spring
The gardens are abundant and full of fragrance of old roses and lavender
 good and green, lush and full of the rains that have graced this land
I am trying to learn, again
Knowing that the Earth in her intelligence holds us in the place
we have created moving moment to moment ,day to day, month to month
In the gardens,hearing and seeing and moving. In concert with the wind, thru my breath.
With my body, as I put my feet upon the earth that nourishes all life.
With the beat of my heart, to know that all life is connected.
Feeding my spirit. Knowing , again...........
Teachers all around me, in the trees, the insects, the animals, the birds and the plants.
The sacred plants that are the food and medicine of life.
I am invited each day by the sun to remember to shine,
to take my vision and my dreams with me as I walk this day.
Not tomorrow, but this day.
In gratitude for this day  and you who sustain me by
your friendship, your knowledge, your words
and your actions.